Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Perfect Example Of The Law Of Attraction At Work!

I was going grocery shopping with the money that I had. It wasn't enough to buy something that I truly wanted but I was grateful for having the money that I DID have! But in the back of my mind I kept manifesting the other thing that I wanted! I kept trying to hold on to the feelings of already having it now and guess what happened!

As I was leaving the store with my purchases, I got a $10 payment from someone that I had did some computer work for. They had wanted to know some information about a work-at-home opportunity but they wanted to know more about the company and whether or not it was a legitmate work at home business.

An extra $10! Surely the law of attraction works!

I just have to learn how to harness this so that I can fulfill my mission statement of becoming a millionaire!