Monday, May 3, 2010

Here Is My Law Of Attraction Story For Today!

Actually it was a few days ago!

I was thinking about one of my neighbors. You see he is a gardener and he enjoys working in his garden.

One night at home I was thinking about how good it would be to spend some time and chat with him. He has this lovely front porch and I actually made visions of us sitting on the porch and chatting.

Well guess what happened? It worked! A few days ago when I was walking home from the store there he was sitting on his front porch after spending some time in his garden. He saw me walking home and immediately invited me over and we chatted for quite some time! Not only that another neighbor came over and joined in our chatting. It was all so very nice!

This is just another perfect example of how I made the law of attraction work for me.

I have been reading a few law of attraction articles today because my day hasn't been going too good and I just needed some inspiration. I found quite a number of good articles that really helped me to feel better.

I want to be a law of attraction MASTER!

I also have seen it posted that one should keep a law of attraction journal. Now this isn't a bad idea although I already have a gratitude journal and I'm going to use that as my law of attraction journal as well!

Like I said I have been looking at some law of attraction articles today just to help me to feel better.

Basically what the law of attraction advices says is that the more we are focused, the more belief and faith that we have the more we will be able to manifest the life of our dreams. The more we "hedge", resist, feel less confident - the more of what we want fades away or goes down!

Hence these are things that I am working on - becoming a law of attraction master and creating the life of my dreams!