Saturday, April 19, 2008

"I Want To Feel Good!"

Basically in a nutshell this is exactly how I want to feel - GOOD!

Positive thoughts, not negative thoughts!

I want to feel good!

What am I grateful for today?

  • I am grateful to have another day of living!

  • I am grateful for the smell of the stew that I currently have cooking on my stove!

  • I am very grateful for my cat who is my furry companion!

  • I am grateful for the food that is in both my refridgerator and my freezer!

  • I am grateful for the $1 and change that I have in my bank account because that means that I still have a balance in my bank account so that means that I won't have any fees attached!

  • I am grateful for my health

  • I am grateful for my sanity

  • And I am grateful just to BE!

What does my GUT say?

It says to keep going! I can have what I want and it is not impossible but possible!

What do I love?

  • I love my house

  • I love where I live


  • I love my life!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What I Am Grateful For Today

I was talking to my brother on the phone tonight and it got me to thinking about the things that I have now that I have and should be grateful for.

The weather is starting to get warmer now and that means it would be a good idea to get outside more. I have both a front and back porch and I was reminded of this when my brother told me that there is no where for him to sit outside of his apartment building - and that made me think of my two porches.

As a matter of fact I haven't had a chance this year to enjoy my porches - except for the occassional "outside" things that I do like emptying the trash - because I have been worried about other things.

Worry is something that I definitely have to work on. The more you worry about something the more power you give to it.

Instead of worrying about the problem I should be thinking about the solution(s).