Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just read a very inspiring article about abundance - after a day of feeling not so great - so I decided to post about it here.

While there are some aspects of my life that do not have abundance there are other areas of my life where I do have abundance.

Here is my gratitude list for today.

I am grateful for:

  • being able to use my computer and to have Internet access. Part of my work and my income involve having the use of a computer and internet access. I have definitely made more money and have been able to have an income all because of having a computer and having internet access!

  • after seeing on the news how so many people have lost their homes to flooding I am very grateful for my house and where I live.

  • of course I am always grateful for my little furry pet companion - who is in the room directly across from me sitting on top of the television set and she is facing me - LOL!

  • I am grateful for the food that I have been able to eat for today!

  • I am grateful for my adsense because it is another way that I am able to make money and what makes it even better is that I am able to make money online in a very legitimate way!

  • I am grateful for my front porch, my back porch and the views out of my windows - which I view sometimes when I am having a nice hot cup of soothing tea.

  • I am grateful for my garden! So many times in the past I have procrastinated about my garden and/or I have had other things on my mind but even with my current "worries" I decided to go ahead and start my garden this year. I have even started planting and so far I see that some of my plantings are starting to come up - even though its still kind of early in the growing season

    you can find out more about the progress of my garden by going to my Angel's Journey blog


Pheng said...

This is a great post, Angel. Have you ever seen the movie "The Ultimate Gift?" It's a great show about showing our gratitude towards life. Being thankful is a path that leads to happiness.

KARL NOVAK said...

Hi there,
Also the Law of atraction, anyway angel, are you rely making money with the ad from google?

have a nice day

Maria and Karl

Angel said...

Yes I am REALLY making money with Adsense - I haven't made my first million dollars yet but I'm working on it - LOL!

But that adsense money does really come in handy! Like The Adsense Consultant does the first thing I do with my Adsense money when I get it is order out as a congratulations for a job well done!

You should really find out more about the adsense program because I think it is a great and legitimate way of earning money online!