Sunday, November 9, 2008

What I Am Grateful For!

I'm feeling kind of down because I don't have what I want and I know that the cure for that - the law of attraction says - is to feel "up" because you do have what you want! So here is my most recent list of things that I am grateful for:

  • Unfortunately my cat of 8 years died a few weeks ago after being sick for a short time. Although this makes me feel sad I know that we had a wonderful life together and I remember the many good times that we had!

    I also plan on getting another cat very soon - like before the year is over and hopefully before Thanksgiving - so we can have turkey together - LOL!

  • I'm grateful to be living in my home! I just saw on the news where people were let back into an area where their homes were damaged or destroyed and it made me feel grateful for the roof that I have over my head!

  • I'm grateful for the food that I have in my refridgerator and I grateful for the refridgerator because it is fairly new too - about a year old - that I was able to get with a grant program! For a time when I had my old refridgerator it was on it last legs and now that I have a new refridgerator I just can't tell you how good it feels to be able to make and have ice again!

  • I'm grateful for my talents. Almost everyone has something that they are good at and it made me realize that that included me too! I love being able to work on my computer and am grateful that I have been able to earn money working on my computer with my blogs and the adsense.

  • I'm also grateful for this time of the year. I love this time of the year - although it seems to be going by so quickly! Halloween was a great time and I had a great time watching spooky movies. Election Day was quite a glorious and wonderful day! The scenery and the leaves are just a wonder to enjoy as I look out my windows and soak in all the wonderful fall colors!

    Thanksgiving is next week and I plan to soak up the joy of that day too by preparing my turkey and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade! I'm looking forward to putting the turkey in the oven and smelling it cooking throughout the entire house!

  • I'm very grateful for the money that I do have in the bank because even though it is not much it is keeping my bank balance in the positive. I have a couple more weeks until I get my Adsense payment and I'm grateful for that too because it seems that a lot of people that have the Adsense program on their sites are even earning the minimum amount needed ($100) during the month to be able to get an adsense payment the next month - so I am grateful for the money that I have earned (and continue to earn) with the adsense program - believe me that money has come in quite handy and it was definitely needed and appreciated!

Yes, I have a lot of things to be grateful for.............................