Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here Is My Gratitude List For Today!

I was reading someone else's gratitude blog post and it made me realize that it has been a while since I last posted a gratitude list.

Here is my gratitude list for today:

  1. I am grateful for my home! Even though I am still having some financial problems relating to being able to keep my home I still have it as of right now! It is a lot to be grateful for! So many people are having problems being able to keep their homes that I feel very grateful for the fact that I still have my home.

  2. I am so grateful for my cat! My cat is my companion!

  3. I am so grateful for the food that I have! Would you believe it I actually have meat for a change! I'm going to cook some pasta with beef sauce later on tommorrow - so that means that I will be chopping onions and garlic as well!

  4. I'm grateful that I actually have a positive balance in my bank account! (That is no mean feat to achieve!)

  5. I am so grateful for where I live. It is so pleasant where I live that I just love it! It's not the city and it's not the boondocks - it's somewhere in between!

And that is my gratitude list for today!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Here's My Astrology Reading For Today

Here is my free horoscope reading for today

"Regarding your current struggle or debate, you should know that there are more people on your side than aren't ... and the people who aren't don't have much pull with the powers that be. Keep pushing for what you want, and keep talking to the people who can help make it happen. You're gaining real momentum, and you could reach an exciting tipping point today. Whatever has been holding you back is long gone -- and it's not coming back! Stay with this positive frame of mind."

This horoscope reading seems very appropriate for me today as I am going through something quite major in my life which has a lot to do with my financial situation and it's good to see these words in this reading as I am a very big law of attraction fan!

I'm just trying to get through this problem in my life right now and I can use all the help that I can get in this manner and like my horoscope says I have to stay with a positive frame of mind.

It's really something how one's horoscope reading can help with the problems that one is having in their lives and sometimes these reading provide helpful hints toward the solutions as well!

So I'm really going to try and stay positive and get this problem solved!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It All Comes Down To Trust

I consider that illnesses such as stress, anxiety, depression, phobias etc. all manifest from an individual’s ‘misunderstanding’ of how the Universe works, which in turn creates a lack of trust in themselves and the Universe (we are all part of the Universal Oneness).

Trusting Yourself And The Universe

I just got finished reading another helpful article on the law of attraction.

Actually this site mentions the tao as well as the universe.

Basically it says that we have to trust ourselves and the Universe more.

I'm dealing with a very big problem now and I have read that the only reasons why our problems are so big is because we make them that way. The fact that I have even managed to hold on this long is really quite a miracle in and of itself and for that I am truly grateful.

I guess I'm finding it hard to trust in either myself or the Universe because what I want hasn't come to manifest yet. But the site does have some helpful information about trust and it even includes some meditation questions that you can ask yourself.

Here is a link to the article:

Trusting The Tao

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"each day I am alive I feel is a gift from God"

I saw that someone posted this and it really made me think! Actually when I read it it made me feel good! It made me think about how good it feels to be alive!

There have been a lot of people around me who have been sick lately because of the weather but I have been relatively healthy during this winter.

When I say this saying - it really made me feel good!

It's a very good and inspirational quote and it really did make me feel good and I hope that if you are reading this blog post that it will make you feel good as well.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Gratitude List For Today

Again I have been feeling down lately - mostly because what I wanted hasn't manifested yet.

I have been reading a lot more lately on the law of attraction and it all seems to come down to some basic things. Things like one's feelings and vibrations - positive feelings and positive vibrations. When negative thoughts come into my mind I'm supposed to replace them with positive thoughts and see my visions for the kind of life that I would like to live.

Gratitude also plays an important part. When you feel and show gratitude it "opens you up" so that more can come into your life.

So here is my gratitude list for today!

  • I am grateful for the food that I have! It may not be much but at least it keeps my belly full and I have food that will last me for more than a day!

  • I'm grateful that I have a good supply of catfood for my cat! I was able to buy a big bag of catfood for her and it will last her for at least the end of the month!

  • I'm grateful to have a roof over my head! There's a guy who I think is homeless who is around the area where I live. I don't know if he has a place to stay but one day he came to the public library and I think somebody bought him some food from the vending machine. So it just goes to show you that no matter how bad your life is there is always someone more worse off than you!

  • I'm grateful for the little "gratitude" candle picture that I found online! It reminds me that I have a small candle at home and I'm going to light it tonight and remember all the things that I am grateful for.

  • Actually I'm grateful for this day! It's winter and there's snow everywhere but the air still feels great and it felt great breathing this air into my lungs!

I also have a gratitude journal where I write my gratitude lists but I also like the idea of having one online - just so people can see an example of what a gratitude list can look like.

Everyone have a GREAT Day!