Friday, February 26, 2010

Here Is My Law Of Attraction Story For Today!

Oh my! What a day! I was so bummed out today because I didn't have any money! I got my Google Adsense payment a few days ago but almost all of it went towards banking fees because I had overdrawn my account! So I sighed a little (actually I was distraught!) but I tried not to let it get me down! I just resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wait until next month when I got my next Adsense payment.

I remembered the law of attraction and the advice that it gave that I should remember all the things that I am grateful and to focus on that. But still in the back of my mind I was still hoping that some sort of miracle would occur so that I would be able to have some money.

I did all of the things that the law of attraction advises which is to feel the feelings of having what I wanted now and to be grateful for them. So I imagined and visualized what it was that I wanted and tried not to focus on how bad things were and what I didn't want.

So I went through my day as normal. In an attempt to understand why my banking fees were so high I decided to call my bank to see if I could get a breakdown of the charges that were on my account and guess what? The woman on the phone rescinded part of my banking fees! I couldn't believe it! I now had some money in the bank which I promptly used to go shopping for some of the things that I needed!

This can only be the law of attraction at work! I am so, so very grateful! Now I want to work at being a master of the law of attraction!


Wenny Yap said...

Yay!!! That's the way Angel. Things must've been very busy for you. Have not had much updates for while. Glad to see you're back!

Angel said...

Yes, I haven't been at my blog for a while. Time sure does pass by fast! But I intend to keep my blog running even if I don't post every day! I have a lot to be grateful for and I now have a very good experience example of how the law of attraction has worked for me - it just proves it! The law of attraction really, really works!

Nick Breen said...

Great story, I love hearing things like things. It is so refreshing to see that others are using the law of attraction to make their lives easier.

the law of attraction has completely changed my life

Angel said...

Yes it is a very great example of the law of attraction working for me! I just have to learn how to harness that power so that I can be the master of it. I try so hard and sometimes I think that I just try too hard!