Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Gratitude List For Today!

I have been able to read some of the most recent comments to this blog and have also been able to respond to some of them - finally - something that I should be grateful for. I find that when I'm not trying to rush things, things happen more smoothly.

I'm also glad to know that others find that my gratitude lists to be of help and hopefully remind others that they may want to think about starting their own gratitude lists as well! I have to say that after I make one I feel much better.

Here is my gratitude list for today:

  • First of all I should say that "today" is just starting since its about 2:30 am in the morning. This reminds me of the fact that since I work at home my hours are pretty much my own. How many people can say that about their lives!

  • I'm grateful for my brother! I just talked to him on the phone a few hours ago and as always we had a great little chat. I also posted on my other blog about a dream I had about him. Both of our parents have passed away and it just makes it more precious to still have family to talk to.

  • I'm grateful for my health! I wasn't feeling too good earlier and I attribute it to the weather outside because it has been so cold and when those cold winds hit you you really, really feel it! I'm feeling much better now and I also take it as a sign that I should slow down when I'm feeling tired or not too well.

    Since I'm feeling a little bit better I thought it would be great to get back at the computer and do some work online but I'm not going to press it because I know that the more rest I get, the better I will feel!

  • I absolutely LOVE where I live! I was at our local library returning some books and in walks one of my neighbors and we decided to walk home together! Such a nice experience to have great neighbors!

  • I love knowing the fact that nothing is impossible!