Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Been Feeling Down For A Few Days Now.....

I have been feeling down for the past few days - mostly, I know, because of my feelings! There is something that I want very, very much but I don't have it yet. I realize that my thoughts and feelings are thinking about what I don't have instead of knowing what I should be focusing on - which is what it is that I want to have.

It's very hard trying to keep my focus on what it is that I do want because I want it so badly and I don't have it yet.

Naturally I would like to become more finacially stable and live the life of my dreams but I seem to be blocking what I want because of the feelings that I am having.

For those of you who are in a similar situation where there is something that you really, really want and it hasn't manifested itself yet I hope this blog post will be helpful to you (as well as to me).

From the things that I have read concerning the law of attraction - what you focus on you will get. If you haven't gotten it then that means that you are blocking it by thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative feelings. I actually read a blog post from a woman who managed to make one of her (bigger) bills disappear simply by stating to the universe that she wished that the bill would just disappear - and it worked. The bill people called her up and said that she didn't have to pay the bill anymore! That just goes to show me that the law of attraction really does work!

Maybe I'm just going through some sort of test to see how badly I want it?

And while I'm feeling bad about what I don't have, now would be a good time to post another gratitude list!

I'm grateful that:

  • that I have a nice warm home to go to

  • that I have food to eat both in my refridgerator and the kitchen shelves

  • that I have a positive balance in my bank account! Because there have been times that I have over-drawn my account and had to pay over $100 in bank fees!

  • I belong to Google's Adsense program because it has earned me some nice spending money. I have also earned money online by writing guest blog posts - so I have earned money online!

I'm still working at being a master of the law of attraction just like the others that I have read about who have been able to manifest the life of their dreams!


calicoaster said...

Hi Angel,

Its really nice to read your posts. Your gratitude list makes me smile and be thankful of all the good things I have, every time I read it.

Thank you so much for your wonderful post!! :) May the light be with you!

Angel said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's always nice to receive comments.

My thoughts have been making me "blue" so it is time for me to post another gratitude list.