Monday, September 14, 2009

The Life Of My Dreams!

The life of my dreams would be for me to be able to work from home! Did you know that I am kind of doing that now with the Google Adsense program! I am actually earning money with the Google Adsense program and it is fulfilling my dream of being able to work at home.

Now I'm not an Adsense Millionaire yet but I am working on it!

Having the google adsense ads here on my blog is but just one way of being able to make money online. I also do tarot and astrology readings as well and that is yet another way for me to be able to earn money online.

There are lots of other things that I can do - especially with my tarot and astrology readings. I could start a podcast and a newsletter and like they say you are only limited by your own imagination!

I am also working on my search engine optimization - meaning that I am working on getting my blog high on the search engine rankings - although I haven't decided yet on what keywords I want my blog to be associated with.

My mission statement is to have at least $1 Million Dollars in my bank account and then I can live off of the interest!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here is some very good advice that I found online! And I'm going to try it out myself!

A very effective way to eliminate negative thinking now is to use a tablet and write on it every negative thought that comes to mind quickly. Once your list is complete shred the paper and instruct your subconscious mind to allow only positive energy thought to enter. You will get very good at deleting the negative thoughts and eliminating them for good. But be sure to always replace them with positive energy thoughts or the old ones will try creep back into your life.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here Is My Law Of Attraction Story For Today!

Actually it was yesterday - LOL!

I had a local tax bill that was due by the end of this month! I didn't get around to actually writing out the check until a few days ago (mostly because I was waiting on the money that I earned from Adsense in order to be able to pay the bill).

Once I had finally had everything ready to mail it was on a Wednesday and the end of the month was on a Friday so I had to mail in this bill as soon as possible! So I hit upon the idea to do a little shopping and I was hoping to find a mailman while I was running the errand because there were no mailboxes near me. So I started walking to the store and I didn't see a mailman in site so I decided to walk the extra two blocks to the nearest mailbox near me and guess what I saw! It was a mailman who was emptying the mailbox! I hurriedly walked over to him so that I could give him the bill that I wanted to mail!

I definitely think that this was an excellent example of the law of attraction at work!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Download - Manifesting Your Dreams!

I found a site that is giving away a free download of Dr. Wayne Dyer talking about to manifest the life of your dreams and how to attract what you want. (In my case what I want to attract is more financial wealth!)

In case you haven't heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer before he gives very good advice as to how one should live their life. He talks about ways to handle and get rid of stress.

I think I first came to know who he was by listening to one of his speeches on my local PBS station. I believe the name of it was "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!" and what he said made perfect sense to me.

If you would like to download a copy of what he has to say, just click here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Time For Another Gratitude List!

I have been feeling very angry, tensed, stressed and frustrated lately! It is entirely due to some financial problems that I am having! But still I realize that I have a lot to be grateful for! I have to get rid of those negative thoughts in my head! I have to keep my mind on my mission statement and the lesson that I learned from this is that money is important and I must keep steps in place to have an emergency account set aside in case of a financial problem!

I can feel myself get boiling mad thinking about my financial problems and I know that the more I think about it and worry about it the more I feed that image and the more I feed the feelings of anger and having lack!

So it is time for another gratitude list. No matter what I am going through I know that there are people who are more worse off than me!

Here is my gratitude list for today:

  • I am glad to have a roof over my head. Indeed I have a home and as of this moment it still belongs to me! That is a LOT more than some other people have I know! I just read a post from a woman who said she was currently living with her child in a woman's shelter and that made me realize how grateful I am to be living in a home of my own!

  • I am grateful that my electricity and gas are on! As I am typing this (in fact I wouldn't even be able to be online if my electricity was out!) the air conditioning is on! I know of someone who's air conditioning unit has broken and the are without it during these summer months! So I am very grateful for being able to have my air conditioning on.

  • I'm very grateful that I am able to earn an income from the Adsense program! It isn't a whole lot of money BUT it has helped me to be able to buy food and pay some of my bills!

  • I am grateful for the food that I do have! I can remember a time quite recently when I didn't have any food! Not even bread or crackers or anything to drink besides water! But now I have eggs and bacon and some of those Ramen noodles! I even have some chicken in the freezer, ice in the freezer - yes there was a time when my refrigerator wasn't even working and I was able to get a new refrigerator with a government grant! Every time I open my freezer I smile because of how grateful I am to be able to have ice and a working freezer again!

  • I am grateful for the advice that I have received about the law of attraction. I keep searching for new articles about it as well as looking for more articles about how to manifest more money in one's life. Although the advice seems to be the same it seems that I continue to have problems doing what the advice says so that is probably why I keep being drawn to them! I actually took a law of attraction quiz and it said that while I am not totally hopeless I do have to work more on keeping positive thoughts in my head - which is true and which is another reason why I am making this gratitude list today!

If you are at a point where you are feeling sad, angry, depressed or blue, please take the time to make a list of at least 5 things that you are grateful for.

Monday, June 15, 2009

One Of The Things That I Am Grateful For Is......

that I was able to make it to the Digital TV switch! I can't tell you how many times I agonized over whether or not I would be able to make the switch! And this was way back in February of this year during the first digital tv switch!

I read somewhere that President Obama wanted to extend the date but I didn't see it mentioned too much and thought that it was just my imagination! But I finally saw where the date really had been extended and I was so grateful for that!

Now that June has come and the June 12th date is now passed, I'm glad to say that I can still view the programming on my TV - mainly because I have one of the cable / Dish TV / Direct TV packages!

I am very grateful for this because I am hearing on the news that some people are having problems - even though they thought that they got the right equipment. And there are still yet some people who haven't been able to make the switch at all - the reason being that they just can't afford it!

Even with the discount coupons that the government has provided, there are still people who are not able to afford buying one of those TV converter boxes -

So no matter how bad your situation is, the is always someone who is more worse off than you! So please do be grateful for what you DO have!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Gratitude List For Today!

I am grateful for:

  • being able to be typing at my computer at 2 in the morning on a weekend!

  • the dinner that I had tonight which consisted of popcorn-LOL! while I watched a movie

  • I am just grateful for the day that I had today! It was a gorgeous day outside today and I decided to do some yard work! Children were out playing and someone was having a party down the street and I had a nice chance to chat with one of my neighbors!

  • being able to have a solution for this whole digital tv thing! I now have cable TV so when the change comes on June 12th, I'll be ready!

  • I'm grateful for being able to work at home! I may not be making a lot of money yet but it is my desire and my goal to manifest my mission statement which concerns my income and financial security. And like Dr. Wayne Dyer says: "It's on its way!"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take The Law Of Attraction Quiz!

As I have blogged about often I am a BIG fan of the law of attraction! I found this quiz online and took it and I thought that if you're also a fan of the law of attraction that you might like to take this quiz too!

I took the quiz myself and scored:

You can take the quiz yourself by clicking the box below:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Time For Another Gratitude List!

I was feeling a bit down today, actually quite feeling depressed and anxious! Of course this is because I am worrying about my money and my financial situation(s)!

I'm currently reading a book called "Simple Abundance" (and I will write more specifically about this book later) and it is basically about living a simple and abundant life, getting in touch with one's authentic self and the book also provides various words of wisdom.

This book has provided some helpful insight to me and I thoroughly look forward to reading the entire book! It has a lot to say about worrying. Worrying robs us of time better well spent appreciating all that we do have. Instead of focusing on what we are lacking we should focus on the abundance in our life and I was thinking about that as I was eating dinner and reading the book at the same time. I was enjoying a very comforting meal and sipping on hot chocolate on a day when the weather is cold and rainy outside. The book reminds us to enjoy the simple pleasures of our lives and for me one of the things that I truly enjoy is having a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate on a cold day! I was reminded to be grateful to be able to have a supply of hot chocolate that I could enjoy today!

When coming online an article appeared in my email box and it was an article about gratitude and it seemed as if that "spoke" to me as I was searching for an answer to my feelings of depression and anxiety. The article reminds us to be grateful for what we do have and that "spoke" to me that it was time to make another gratitude list. So here is my gratitude list for today:

  • I am grateful that I have hot chocolate to drink on this chilly day (plus I have a supply of tea that I can have as an alternative). I am very grateful for this because there have been times when I have been out of both!

  • I am grateful to be in a warm house with heat! I have to remember that there are those who are much worse off than me! (I was reminded of this when I was listening to one of my local radio talk shows when the host said this very thing - in that he felt that he was doing good because there were so many people who were more worse off than him) I thoroughly believe that this was a sign answering my query as to what to do - and the answer was to be grateful for what it is I DO have!

  • I am grateful to be able to be online. My Internet access has just been paid for the month so I have another blissful month of Internet access!

  • I think that one of the things that I am most grateful for is myself! I don't know how to explain it exactly but in general I'm in a pretty good mood! I haven't strayed to the point of morally corrupting myself and I try to remain positive and optimistic. I'm also "keeping the faith!

    I have my mission statement that I remind myself of when I'm at a crossroads and don't know which way to turn!

So I do have a lot to be grateful for!

As a sidenote I should mention that the current book I'm reading suggests that you start writing down 5 things that you are grateful for every night before you go to bed and that is something that I have begun to do. So besides my online gratitude list, I have also started writing down at least 5 things I am grateful for every night before I go to bed. It is suggested that one do this for at least 21 days and I am on Day 4.

I should also note that instead of having a separate journal for this I have added this to my own personal Book Of Shadows in the diary / journal part of my own Book Of Shadows.

So if you're feeling down and / or depressed, write down 5 things that you are grateful for. That should lift your spirits immensely!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Gratitude List For Today!

As I previously posted I was feeling a little bit down and depressed because of some financial problems and I thought that this would be a perfect time to have another gratitude list. Here is my gratitude list for today:

  • As I am typing this blog entry it reminds me of one of the talents I have which is being able to edit the html of my blog post so that I can make it look a little bit more interesting than just a standard-looking blog.

    We all have talents even though we may think that we don't and if you haven't found your talent yet - don't press it too hard- give it time, relax, get rid of your stress and your talent will come to you!

  • As always I am grateful for my house! My mother left me this house when she passed away. We both lived in it together and there are just so many good memories here that there is always a good feeling inside and out!

    Although being able to keep the house is proving difficult I haven't given up hope yet and as TD Jakes has said "it ain't over yet!"

  • I'm grateful for my computer and my Internet access! One of the things that I LOVE to do is work on my computer! This is definitely one of my passions! I have been able to earn money from working with my computer - both online and off! I have earned money using Google's Adsense program. I have also earned money as a web page designer. I'm looking into getting into the more profitable aspects of writing.

  • I'm grateful for the food that I have! Yes there have been times when my cupboards have been bare but right now I have some food - namely meat! - that is going to last me and that is a very good feeling and I am grateful for it!

  • I think one of the things that I am very grateful for is that I haven't lost my sanity yet! I know that so many people are whining and complaining about their problems but they are not doing anything about them and I choose to continue on working towards my financial goals and my mission statement. I am reaching to live the life of my dreams.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Financial Miracle!

I was feeling kind of down and blue today because of some financial problems that are looming and I found an interesting testimonial on the Internet. It helps to let me know that financial miracles CAN actually happen!

Here is an example of a financial miracle that I found online:

"Recently, I was greatly blessed by our Living God with His miraculous works of wonder.

You are probably aware that Singapore like many Asian countries was hit by the worst ever post-war economic crisis during the last 2 years or so. Through the grace of God my small business enterprise managed to stay afloat even though we suffered losses like most other businesses. Because of the adverse financial situation in my company, my banker was not quite as gracious and had decided to reject my request for additional financing badly needed to sustain my business.

I had a major payment due involving an amount exceeding US$ 100,000 and up until 2 days before the deadline, my discussions with numerous financial institutions were futile; many turned me away. In my desparation I had contacted many banks and finance companies. Fortunantely for me, a manager of one such finance company returned my call and was willing to consider my request. What was most miraculous about his eventual approval was the manner in which the approval was granted - (1) because I left town the same night he called, we never got to meet at all (2) the only set of audited accounts was 2 years old and it showed a dismal loss leaving my company in a negative net worth situation (3) he agreed to grant me trade facilities of over US$ 115,000 without my need to pledge any assets!!! (4) approval was granted by him within 1 working day, just in the nick of time!! We eventually met and the manager discovered to his relief that his elder brother was my former office colleague and that his brother had vouched for me. How God brings the right people in my life at the right time!!!

Naturally, I was overwhelmed and taken completely by surprise, of how God always remains faithful and fulfills His promises. Mentally I had braced myself for the worst, telling our Lord that I will remain faithful in Him even though He chose not to deliver me from my financial challenges.

I do hope that this testimony will be a source of inspiration to businessmen around the world who may be in the same situation. Be faithful in God and surrender your destiny completely to His Will and He will never abandon you...for every door He closes, He will open yet another one. Praise be to God our Almighty Lord of all!!!"

I hope that this will provide you with some inspiration - just in case you don't think that financial miracles don't happen - because they do!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Gratitude List For Today!

I have been able to read some of the most recent comments to this blog and have also been able to respond to some of them - finally - something that I should be grateful for. I find that when I'm not trying to rush things, things happen more smoothly.

I'm also glad to know that others find that my gratitude lists to be of help and hopefully remind others that they may want to think about starting their own gratitude lists as well! I have to say that after I make one I feel much better.

Here is my gratitude list for today:

  • First of all I should say that "today" is just starting since its about 2:30 am in the morning. This reminds me of the fact that since I work at home my hours are pretty much my own. How many people can say that about their lives!

  • I'm grateful for my brother! I just talked to him on the phone a few hours ago and as always we had a great little chat. I also posted on my other blog about a dream I had about him. Both of our parents have passed away and it just makes it more precious to still have family to talk to.

  • I'm grateful for my health! I wasn't feeling too good earlier and I attribute it to the weather outside because it has been so cold and when those cold winds hit you you really, really feel it! I'm feeling much better now and I also take it as a sign that I should slow down when I'm feeling tired or not too well.

    Since I'm feeling a little bit better I thought it would be great to get back at the computer and do some work online but I'm not going to press it because I know that the more rest I get, the better I will feel!

  • I absolutely LOVE where I live! I was at our local library returning some books and in walks one of my neighbors and we decided to walk home together! Such a nice experience to have great neighbors!

  • I love knowing the fact that nothing is impossible!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Just Wanted To Thank Everyone For Their Comments!

It seems that sometimes the comment thingie on my blog doesn't always work!

I tried answering some of your comments but so far my answers haven't shown up. Oh well looking at the bright side to this it does give me an opportunity to have another blog post!

Yes, the law of attraction DOES work! I have seen it working in my life.

However sometimes I think that I try too hard - LOL!

There have been instances when I have given something a fleeting thought and then it manifests into my life! On the other hand the things that I want so badly aren't manifesting as much as I would like them to - however I am working on it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Going Through Some Heavy Anxiety Issues Today!

My day didn't get off to a very good start!

I worried and obsessed about some pressing financial problems and I further made it worse by looking more into it - thus getting more bad news. But now - a few hours later - as I look back on it the news isn't 100% bad - in fact there was some good news in there that will help me more!

First of all I know that worrying only feeds the problem more and makes it more of a monster - but I just couldn't help myself and the more I tried not to think about it the more I thought about it! Various negative scenarios entered my imagination and I just felt so bad!

I have my resources of advice to fall back on and they include things like

  • focusing on what it is that I DO want instead of focusing on what I don't want

  • finding out something good about the situation no matter how small that good may be!

Also too when I am having days like this I remember what "The Secret" says and that is to list the things that you are grateful for! Here is my list for today:

  • I am grateful for my home! I love my home and I love where I live and I realize that I am fortunate to have a roof over my head - especially now during the winter months here in the Philadelphia area. The current temperature is 23 degrees but it feels like 15 degrees!

  • I'm also grateful that I have heat! Old-styled radiators are bringing me heat and when I go by them I touch them and remind myself how grateful I am to be able to have heat! There is such a great feeling when coming home out of the cold into a nice warm house! (on another note: I was able to get a financial grant to help pay some of my past due heating bill expenses - and it is so very much needed and I am so grateful that I have gotten it! I received the notification a few days ago and the grant is sending the money directly to my heating bill company!)

  • I'm grateful for the skills that I do have and I was recently reminded of this while online when I was reading an article about how we all have gifts and talents. What make this more interesting is that I was watching a snippet of a religious program and they were saying the exact same thing in that we all have talents!

  • I'm grateful to be able to be online! I love working with my computer both online and off but I have come to realize that not everyone has a computer - much less online access - of their own!

  • I'm grateful for the food that I do have in my refridgerator and whild I am craving some hot chocolate right now I know that I will have some soon because I vow to buy some with some of the money from my Adsense this month!

I have commented before about how the law of attraction has worked for me in the past. Quite frankly I think that it works all the time but it's me that is just trying too hard!

Besides having a copy of "The Secret" on disk, I was also able to check out the book "The Secret" from my library! It included some more information and advice that wasn't on the CD and it was very welcomed advice!

I think today was a day where my emotions - I should say my negative emotions - really got a hold of me. But jotting down my gratitude list has really helped me a lot!

1/31/09 Update!

I just thought that I should mention that the "financial" problem that I posted about above, that I obsessed and worried about came to a pleasant end! I did manage to find a pleasurable solution to the problem!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Been Feeling A Bit Down..............

It was great coming back to this blog to remind myself of many things! It was good seeing my mission statement again and it was a wonderful reminder reading all of my posts about the things that I have now that I am grateful for!

Even though 2008 seemed to be the worst year for others (if you go by what the news has said), I found that it was a great year for reflection and learning lessons in my life!

I have my mission statement goal and that is what I am working towards!