Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here Is My Law Of Attraction Story For Today!

Actually it was yesterday - LOL!

I had a local tax bill that was due by the end of this month! I didn't get around to actually writing out the check until a few days ago (mostly because I was waiting on the money that I earned from Adsense in order to be able to pay the bill).

Once I had finally had everything ready to mail it was on a Wednesday and the end of the month was on a Friday so I had to mail in this bill as soon as possible! So I hit upon the idea to do a little shopping and I was hoping to find a mailman while I was running the errand because there were no mailboxes near me. So I started walking to the store and I didn't see a mailman in site so I decided to walk the extra two blocks to the nearest mailbox near me and guess what I saw! It was a mailman who was emptying the mailbox! I hurriedly walked over to him so that I could give him the bill that I wanted to mail!

I definitely think that this was an excellent example of the law of attraction at work!

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Wenny said...

Hi Angel, if we are able to appreciate the littlest positivities in our daily life, we can never deny that LOA is working for us all the time.

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