Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here Are Some Great Money Affirmations To Help You Attract More Money Into Your Life!

Here is an excerpt of an online article that I found. If I can remember where I got it from I will post a link to it here:

....You might also want to take one of these affirmations and it down 25 times each and every day. This is something I learned from my first prosperity mentor, Marilyn Jennett. It definitely helped me break free of that negative mindset. There is definite power in writing down affirmations! I've attracted money in as fast as 20 minutes just by writing down an affirmation 25 times!

  • # I attract money easily and effortlessly

  • # Money comes to me every day in every way

  • # The Universe takes care of my every need

  • # I am a money magnet!

  • # I am open to receiving money now

  • # Thank you, God, for an increase in money now

I hope that these affirmations will help you to attract and bring more money into your life!

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