Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Through Some Difficult Times Lately......

I'm working on the law of attraction - sometimes until it hurts! That may be one of the problems that I am having with it - that I'm trying too hard!

This week I got "hit" with 2 new bills and a shut-off notice! Not very good news! So I was starting to feel very depressed! I was thinking things like "why does this keep happening to me?" - which is also probably contributing to the problem.

I did some research online and found a blog article that talks about "chemicalization". Here is an excerpt from the article:

That lady was relieved to learn that another dynamic law was working for her-the law of chemicalization.

You’ve heard it said that things have to get worse sometimes before they can get better; that the getting worse process is actually a part of the improvement process; that what seems failure is actually success being born in the situation. That’s chemicalization!

Chemicalization sounds like a negative process, but actually it is a very positive one, a natural, normal one. Though it is an uncomfortable experience, it is worth going through, because it is always a sign that cleansing is taking place. Something higher and better always results from this experience.

When these periods come, remind yourself, “This is nothing to fear. This is not evil. There Is only good at work In this experience. Healing Is now taking place In my world. I rest, relax and let It.” As you nonresistantly meet chemicalization in this way, very soon brighter conditions will appear.

It did help to make me feel a little bit more better! I just wish that things were not so hard! I still have my financial goals - but am I anywhere near it? No.

According to all of the advice given I just have to keep going and not give up. Appreciate and be grateful for the good that is going on in my life.

I'll keep everyone updated...........

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