Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go For Your Dreams!

I recently got this in an email:


Each of us has a dream ready to burst inside
It's just disbelief that makes it hide
Set your goals-then begin to believe
It's the only way to achieve

You must get out of your comfort zone
Sometimes you must stand alone
Our dreams just need direction
But our egos need protection
'cause we don't want to say
Things didn't turn out my way

Failure is only part of success
It's what separates us from the rest
Will you leave this world without a try
Will you let that dream inside you die

You were born for God's purpose
But you won't even scratch the surface
If you never ever try
And let that dream inside you die
It may not happen at first
But you have to have that hunger and that thirst

If it could be done
Then you dream would have come
So get up and go for it
Or you'll have nothing to show for it

Don't keep asking yourself why-why-why?
Did that dream have to die

Make up your mind and go for all
Life's exciting- so have yourself a ball

Taken form "Poems in the Key of Life" by PJ Rhae & Don Jackson

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