Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Guess Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinion

I was reading an article in one of my local papers. It was written by one of the local writers on staff and it was about their take on The Secret.

Basically speaking they said that they really didn't agree with the concept of the secret (which is the law of attraction) and books and publications like it! The writer said that the authors of such works were more or less "hucksters" trying to "peddle their wares".

The article went on to mention Oprah and how she had the guests on her talk show and how they talking about their works / books - which the writer thought was the only reason why they were there.

Personally I believe in the teachings of The Secret! I have seen things manifest in my life that have made me think that they have come to pass only because I was thinking of them so strongly - whether they be good or bad things!

I haven't manifest the life of my dreams yet but I continue to work on it!

It would be interesting to know if any of you believe in the teachings of "The Secret"?


Joshua Enfield said...

I am not sure I have the right idea on the law of attraction. Alot of people see it in relation to love. From what I get however, you seem to be referring to good things you desire coming to you if you want them too. I agree with this from the approach of Karma. I believe in Karma, and agree with you if this is what you are referring to. I have a feeling I am maybe misunderstanding it just a little though :)

Thank you also for the comment on my blog!


Angel said...

Actually I think that love has a lot to do with it. Loving yourself and loving what you do.....Having the kind of life that you dream about and turning those dreams into a reality!