Thursday, September 4, 2008

T. D. Jakes!

  I have become quite a fan of  T. D. Jakes!

He was on the Dr. Phil show recently and I watched the entire show!

One of the things that he talked about was how people should have a mission in life as opposed to just getting out of bed and making it through the day!

Of course I thought that this was very good advice and I have decided to follow it!

There are things that I want in my life (in order to live the life of my dreams) and I do want them so badly!

One of my most important missions in life is to be financially wealthy! Not only because it will make my life easier and more free of worry and stress but also because being financially secure enables me to continue the work that I want to do! In that way I can be of help to others.

As T. D. Jakes has said, everyone has talents - and that even includes me!

I have been thinking about the talents that I have and a lot of them come to mind.

I can do both tarot and astrology readings and that is something that I have come to not be ashamed of! In fact, the fact that I know that this is a talent of mine makes me want to pursue it even more! And I often use myself as a client when I give readings on myself!

In fact I decided to give myself an impromptu tarot reading and I pulled the card of "The Chariot" in reverse. This means that I am restless - which in fact I am! Yearning for change - yes that's right too!

Another one of my talents is html and designing websites (and now blogs too!) and I have earned money doing this as well!

If you would like to learn more about Bishop T. D. Jakes just click here.

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