Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm Dealing With Negative Thoughts Today

Where I feel lack I should feel abundance!

Today has been a day of negative and angry thoughts. If anything this should show me what I do not want!

Here is my "Things That I Am Grateful For" list for today

  • I am grateful that I have a computer and am able to be online

  • I am grateful to have a blog that can be visited from people all over the world

  • I am grateful for my adsense income.

  • I am always grateful for my cat who is lounging by the window now

  • I am grateful for my home

  • I am grateful for my talents and passions

  • What I am most grateful for right now is my sanity!

A "word" here about negative thoughts:

From what and all that I have learned the thing to do with negative thoughts is to turn them into positive thoughts. Although I am having some difficulty with this the mere fact that I'm posting about it now helps me to realize that!

So the negative thoughts that I am having I am going to turn them into positive thoughts - meaning if I am feeling a lack of something then I going to turn that around to having a feeling of the abundance of it!

It seems to be a very hard thing for me to do but I am going to work on it for the rest of the day!

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