Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What I Am Grateful For Today

I'm grateful for:

  • the leftover "takeout" that I had for dinner tonight because it reminds me that I am capable of earning money online - this time with Adsense and it also reminds me of how good it feels to be able to afford ordering out every once in a while!

  • I'm always grateful for my little cat - who is my furry companion and "fight" partner! She's eating dinner now!

  • the jazz music that's playing in the background while I'm at the computer

  • the money that I have that is going to allow me to buy more food and household essential items

  • being inside a nice warm house while the winds and the rain are wrecking havoc outside

  • my computer and being able to afford and have internet access. I'm also grateful for my all-in-one printer that allows me to make copies at midnight - a time of my choosing - so that I don't have to go "out" to make copies

  • the talents that I do have! Just being able to have a blog - or should I say blogs - and continually being able to add more posts about my life so that other people can see that they are not alone with their problems. Hopefully this blog will help and inspire others too!

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