Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Mail For 2 Days!

One of the things that I most definitely have to work on is worry!

Even my astrological sign says that I do tend to worry alot!

I did not get any mail for 2 days! A lot of people would probably consider this a blessing because it would have meant no bills and no advertisements! But for me it made me worry. The thoughts that came in my mind was that 'well maybe the mail stopped delivering here' - now why would I think of something like that!

Instead of dwelling on the negative aspect of my worry - what I'm supposed to do in a situation like this is to turn this around.

Instead of worrying about not getting any mail I should be glad to know that my mail is in order and that I haven't done anything to cancel my mail. I just didn't get any mail for two days.

On day three - I got mail!

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