Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everybody Has Talents

Here is a listing of mine:

  • I can do astrology charts

  • I can do tarot readings

  • I can make a decent-looking website

Almost everyone has talents that they can use to make a living - and a good living at that! Dr. Wayne Dyer say to "sell your expertise".

I can do astrology readings online whereas I can do readings for clients and customers and charge them per reading. They can pay for my services, I can gather their information and then compose their charts and send it to them either by email or I can put their chart online - however I think its best that I send it to them via email so that their information is more private.

I can do the same thing regarding my tarot readings as well.

I read a very interesting post from some who was feeling discouraged because they had a business but they were getting comments like "I wouldn't pay for that..." - which I'm sure depressed and frustrated them. Do you know the advice given? The answer was that if they weren't willing to pay for your product or service then it was their loss and not yours!

If you thoroughly believe in your talent then you should have nothing to worry about and take solace in the fact that there are others who are making a very good living doing the same thing that it is that you want to do.

There is also opportunities everywhere!

For one thing I have the adsense ads on this blog. I also have a "Donate" button on this blog too - both good and legitimate sources of revenue and income.

I hope that by journaling my journel to financial wealth and abundance it will help you to see that you are not alone in your own journey(s) as well.

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