Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Waiting For A Client?

Another sign of the Law Of Attraction at work!

I recently got an email from one of my very first clients. This was a client from a couple of years ago. They are wanting to use my services again and when I received the email I was excited! Previously to that I was focusing and concentrating my thoughts on manifesting more money!

Now that I got the email from a former client who wants to use my services again, I clearly associate this with the workings of the Laws Of Attraction.

Now I answered the email explaining my services and how much I charge for them. I sent this email last Sunday and I have checked my email twice so far since Sunday. I don't want to overdo it or stress or worry about the client actually coming through. I read a blog post that what you should do in a situation like this is to first imagine / contemplate that you already have the client and continue on with your routine - meaning what would you be doing if you had already gotten the client's business. In my case the answer would be to continue on working, keeping up with my email and not checking my email every 5 seconds just to see that "you have a payment" line in my email.

So off I am to continue my work..........................

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