Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Financial Goal!

My financial goal is to have $1 Million Dollars in the bank and living off the interest from that! You can say that I am pretty much starting off at zero but as I look back at my life I do see improvement. For instance I now have a bank account after not having one for quite some time - a few years!

  • To get more specific (I hope that this helps others) I had overdrawn my previous bank account to the point that it was closed out. Now with them adding additional fees there was a bigger amount that I had to pay. So for a time I didn't have a bank account and for a while that suited me just fine because at the time I didn't have any money! But you know what there were times when I did receive some money such as a tax refund or the check that I got for doing jury duty when I had to go to a check cashing place to get my check cashed - and of course there was a fee involved to cash the check. As time went by I wanted to have a bank account again! So I started making payments on the balance.

    Here is a good rule of thumb that I read somewhere - Start making payments on money that you owe even if it is just $10 a month.

    It took me about maybe three years to pay of my bank balance. I had started making payments but then had stopped for a while and then maybe a year or two later I was able to make the last payment in one big lump! Where did I get the money to make the lump sum payment? I got the money from a real estate transaction that had to do with my home. So I paid off the balance and within two weeks I opened a new bank account which I have now. This bank doesn't have a fee for how much you have in your checking account because I will tell you (hopefully again hoping that this will help you) that there have been times when I have had less than $1 in my bank account. But I have not looked at this as a bad thing. The good thing about this is that I have a balance in my account - a positive balance - even if it is under a dollar! Have I ever overdrawn this account? - Yes - and the lesson that I have learned from that is to not do it again! So now I have a bank account again which makes life much more easier and convenient! It is also a sign that my financial life is improving and headed in the direction that I want it to be!

Maybe if I talk about my experiences it will help some of you who are in the same (or unfortunately more worse) circumstance.

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